Are your products safe?

Are your products safe?

Yes, 100% natural & vegan friendly - Glutathione is a naturally occuring substence and is present in most cells in your body, it is widely referred to as your bodys “Master Antioxidant”

These kind of products never actually work?

We agree.
Due to recent advances in technology for processing nutrients we have been able to produce a product that utilizes 90%+ absorbtion rates. How’s that for effectiveness.

How do I consume Get Over It - Revival Blend?

Take one capsule with your first drink and a second capsule when you wake up.
We always advise people to follow a healthy lifestyle and stay hydrated.

What is the GOI vision?

To support people who enjoy living life to the fullest, in every aspect - Our products give you back something you cannot buy - TIME.

How can you sell me time?

Preparation is key - We want to optimise your life.
Use our products to support your lifestyle and we guarantee you’ll wake up feeling fresher than you thought was possible.

Where can I buy GOI products?

We currently have limited stock available online. Expect to see us in nationwide retailers later this year.

How does your "100% Money Back Guarantee" work?

We are that confident you’ll love our product, we are happy to provide this guarantee!

Still Have Questions?

However - In the unlikely case you aren’t satisfied with your experience then just email info@getoverit.life with your order number, from the address used for purchase and we will refund the first sachet from your order. Return any remaining sachets to receive a full refund on your order (Excluding postage costs)